Google Is Not Stupid in 2021

Google is not stupid – reveals all harmful practices

Many times we encounter when working with

real experts in SEO

, who know how to make our joint customers to help with traffic. Such cooperation is really important and delivers measurable results.

We propose a site in terms of usability and accessibility, and cover the development of the technical side, including on-page optimization. SEO Agency then picked up the baton and working on content and advertising, by using legitimate (white hat) SEO techniques.

Ongoing mutual communication, we deal with various activities with the customer – resulting in higher traffic and better position in organic search for relevant keywords.

Now, back to reality …

Poor SEO is worse than none

More often, unfortunately, we encounter the so-called SEO gurus professional experts. With people, in which people are just empty words, respectively. case studies with questionable credibility.

A disabled optimization methods, which after detection result penalize a site in search results, and thus to fall back to a lower position. We are talking about black hat techniques and so. spamdexing – using them knowingly break the rules set by search engines.

The most commonly used prohibited methods include inserting non-relevant backlinks and artificial duplicate keywords.

It is true that at some time they may also collude to achieve its purpose and contribute to a positive outcome. But this is a “tricky” method. Sooner or later, Google determines what type of optimization goes, and then it ultimately will pay.

The expert SEO vs. expert on everything

Pseudo experts you never prepares a detailed plan on how it will proceed in achieving the desired objective. There is a myriad of techniques that can be used, but not all are suitable for any conditions. Otherwise ongoing optimization launch site a small bakery in Kosice and other methods in turn are more suitable for large portal with jurisdiction throughout Slovakia.

It is always necessary to consider specific methods for each page individually.

Such experts present themselves as experts in SEO. But in fact they are just self-appointed experts on everything. And virtually all applied to the same (improper or prohibited) method.

I want to be the first position in search

Customers us and SEO agencies always wonder whether, after the aid interventions in optimization will be the site for the first place (and I do not mean in the context of advertising Adwords references, but in the organic search).

With almost 100% probability of not.

The point is that if we create online and give a whole new page, so it just is not for Google from the beginning attractive. On the one hand, to pass some time before Google can index the page and notice it. On the other hand, it is not technically possible to immediately overtake competing sites that are already on the internet, say, 10 years and also have a high-level optimization.

To your site came up at the front positions in organic search, it must be the SEO work systematically and develop different techniques for the benefit of the page itself. And it is impracticable for a few days … If anyone claims otherwise give thanks him for his commitment.

Optimization on their own

Many customers say that they do not invest in something that you can assure yourself. Optimizing still can not seem to hard :)

We very much appreciate when our customers are actively interested in your site, it always tries to cultivate and achieve better attendance and higher sales figures.

When optimizing a site but the question – is the SEO team, what are you willing to sacrifice a lot of time and energy?

If optimization is to be really good and deliver measurable results, you need to be regularly paid. Education on these issues (given that the search algorithms change and improve) and always follow current trends.
Many times customers affected the site in good faith, but unconsciously so you can “spoil” well in order to optimize the web (for example, as rewrites products / lines, in order to increase the attractiveness of prior comparative prices).
These changes can really inflict a lot of damage, so it is advisable to improper interference.
Where, therefore, do not dedicate all work and leisure SEO techniques, you had better hand optimize your skill. Thanks to this, you can count on quality and fully devote himself to his business.

Google is much smarter than many think

Our customers always advised to nezverovali your site to anyone and always pre-verified reference selected SEO agency. In Slovakia there are many good agencies, from which you can choose. Among other intimate, Visibility and Seocentrum.

It is not just about the money that you spend on optimization.

The point of this wrongly interventions in SEO you can prepare the previously established position in the search results. Google is able to detect most unfair, respectively. Prohibited modifications and website for them penalized.

Additionally, Google has no problem to determine whether the content is “real” and not artificial. We therefore always recommend that the placement on the useful content related to this service or product, such as a blog.

A blog is an excellent tool for promoting and providing attractive information. It also contributes to the development not only relevant content, but also to improve communication between the site and its visitors. Last but not least is a tool for regular care of SEO optimization.

In addition to the anatomy of the page can also check Google slowly around your (and even without your knowledge). In pursuit of the most accurate identification of a and ads for each user, a Google creates a profile – it focuses on age, gender and preferred interests.

All what you have so far in my life searching through Google and then read a Google remembers. In addition to a detailed history, also has a perfect view of rozkliknutí AdWords ads and all used equipment.

It even has information about each of your position if you have a smartphone and Android platform.

Why is Google not to fool?

Because it’s Google. It is one of the richest and most successful IT companies, which focus very best. Thanks to this, Google can policed rules and detect (and to punish) prohibited techniques not only in the actual SEO optimization.

And because it knows exactly where it is currently located.
In addition, if you are on this article received from a search engine, also knows.

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