Unique Identification of The Visitor

If the owner wants a website to track returning visitors to your site, it can be used for such a thing though cookies (cookies) which works most every normal web browser. In this way, in the visitor’s computer stores information about the pages you visit and re-visit it page based on cookies can correctly identify. The problem arises though when deleting cookies, reinstalling the browser, and the like. He himself here Meriam visit, move around the site or in the event of a problem report about a visit after properly identifying the visitor. It is clear to me that it is futility, but am interested in such things as work, a man of principle in the programming least learn something. So far I’ve used herein cookies, but longer time it is no longer here and I’m still wondering what else uniquely identify the visitor without storing some information on his computer.

In Title I always wondered how well do something, and I was wondering hauled all the information that allows the browser and they impose and thus to compare them. One known me recently recommended exactly what I wanted to do himself and thus saved me many hours of thinking, swearing and who knows if it would even work properly. He recommended me as fingerprint technology to uniquely identify Internet browser with accuracy up to 94%. That’s not too bad in the case where the identification combined with the identification on the basis perhaps mentioned cookies and accuracy can be further increased. This is a JavaScript, which based on the values of the string userAgent, depth of color, language, plugin, time zone, and other management information hash and get this essentially “fingerprint” which gives that also guarantees the uniqueness of the visitor.

In this technique, of course not store cookies to identify your browser, but as I mentioned above, and could be used for this and this option, you should specify identification. We also need to mention that this is an anonymous identification, ie the values returned from the generated hash function can not be said that the visitor me this or that. This library can be downloaded here.

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